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Real Estate Cleaning / Move-In Move-Out Cleaning Services in Toronto

Seamless Transition Cleaning – Making Your Move in Toronto Effortlessly Clean and Stress-Free

Since 2005 Lustre has completed over 50,000 cleanings in Toronto

At Lustre Luxury Services, we offer Real Estate Cleaning / Move-In Move-Out Cleaning Services in Toronto, designed to make your relocation journey as smooth as possible. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering a meticulous clean, ensuring that your new home is welcoming and spotless, or leaving your old space in pristine condition. We focus on the details, from deep cleaning kitchens and bathrooms to refreshing living spaces, so that you can focus on settling in. Whether you’re moving into your dream home or transitioning out, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each space, providing peace of mind and a beautifully clean environment.

Let us help you start or end your moving journey on a sparkling note!

Are any of these cleaning challenges impacting you?

  • Overwhelm
    Preparing your home for sale and moving are very stressful events for everyone.
  • Time Constraints
    Preparing your space for showings, or for a move-in may require a very quick turnaround.
  • Trust
    Tired of dealing with companies and individuals who aren’t trained, commercially insured, bonded, or WSIB covered.
  • Professionalism
    Your home is your biggest asset. You need a well established company with an experienced team who understands this and treats your space with the care and attention it deserves.

Why Choose Lustre for Your Real Estate Cleaning / MoveIn Move Out Cleaning Needs

Professional and Trustworthy Team

At Lustre, our team of cleaning professionals is the backbone of our services. Fully trained, bonded, and insured, each member is committed to delivering excellence. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every cleaning task is performed to the highest standards.

With over 50,000 cleans accomplished since 2005, our track record speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence and detail.

Communication and Convenience

Lustre is a true cleaning partner who believes clear communication is of the utmost importance. You can call, email or text us anytime with feedback, questions, or any alterations. For your added convenience, your credit card will be charged after each visit and an invoice will be emailed to you for your records.

Fast, Efficient, and Stress-Free

We recognize the urgency and quick turnaround often needed in real estate transitions. Whether it’s preparing your home for sale, setting the stage for showings, or ensuring a welcoming move-in experience, we’re equipped to handle your needs swiftly and efficiently, removing one more stress from your moving checklist.

Flexible Scheduling for Your Convenience

We understand the demands of modern life and strive to make our services as accommodating as possible. Our flexible scheduling options are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle, ensuring our cleaning services provide maximum benefit with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Our Cleaning Process in 4 Easy Steps

We make it easy to work with us:
Step 1
Book a Free Consultation

We begin by understanding your unique needs and your personal preferences.

Step 2
Custom Plan

Based on our discussion, we’ll craft a tailored cleaning strategy.

Step 3
Execute With Excellence
Our trained team will then execute the plan with utmost precision.
Step 4
Review and Feedback

After the cleaning, we’ll walk you through the results, ensuring everything was up to your standards.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning That Cares for Your Home and Planet

At Lustre, we are passionate about safeguarding your health and the environment. Our use of advanced, eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques ensures that your home is not only impeccably clean but also a safe haven free from harmful chemicals. Experience the difference with a service that cares as much for the planet as it does for the cleanliness and well-being of your home.
“I dealt with Nick from Lustre Luxury Cleaning services. They were on time, kept the price to what was agreed upon. They did an excellent job cleaning the apartment after a very messy tenant moved out. The new tenant was very happy with the result. Nick was also very nice to deal with. I will definitely hire this company again.”
Toronto Landlord, Apartment Move in cleaning service

Don’t Let Cleaning Be a Part of Your Moving Worries!

Take the first step towards a hassle-free move. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning and enjoy a seamless transition into your next chapter. Whether you’re preparing to sell, setting up your new home, or saying goodbye to an old space, let us add that final touch of sparkle and cleanliness.
Good to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Having been in business since 2005, Lustre Cleaning & Luxury Services has had a fair number of cleaning questions from both existing and prospective clients. We’ve listed a number of the most common questions we get when people are considering commercial or house cleaning in Toronto:
How do you price your services?
The prices for Lustre services will depend upon many factors including your home or office size, specific tasks you would like us to perform, frequency of cleaning etc.
Do you offer Lustre Gift Certificates?

Yes. We offer Lustre Gift Certificates in the denomination of your choice.  For more information call 416-481-9990.

Are your cleaners bonded & insured? Do you have WSIB coverage?

Yes.  Lustre has a $2,000,000 commercial liability insurance policy as well as bonding insurance for our cleaners.  Our cleaners are also covered by WSIB.

Does Lustre provide environmentally friendly cleaning supplies?

For regular cleanings most of our clients prefer to provide their own supplies, however, Lustre can provide environmentally friendly supplies if you prefer. For post renovation cleanings, deep cleanings, and real estate cleanings Lustre provides environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and equipment.

Do you provide one time “spring cleanings” or heavy-duty cleanings?
Yes. In addition to our daily, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services for homes and offices, Lustre also provides heavy-duty cleanings including: real estate pre-sale cleaning, move in cleaning, spring cleaning, post renovation cleaning as well as movie set cleaning services.
Do your cleaners work in teams?
Depending upon the size of the job, Lustre’s cleaners / maids / housekeepers generally work individually at each location. For larger cleanings, post renovation cleanings, “heavy duty”, or commercial cleanings, Lustre may provide a team of cleaners.
Do you send the same cleaner / maid / housekeeper every visit?
Yes. For consistencey on daily, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services Lustre assigns the same cleaner, maid, or housekeeper.
Do you accept credit cards for your cleaning services?

Yes. For your convenience we accept Visa and Mastercard. After each visit we will email you an invoice for your records.

Do you provide office/commercial cleaning services

Lustre provides daily/weekly/biweekly commercial and office cleaning services. We also specialize in medical and dental office cleaning retail store cleaning and restaurant cleaning.

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