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Office Cleaning

Professional Elegance, Professional Spaces: Superior Office Cleaning Services

First impressions of your business are paramount to its success. A spotless office goes a long way to ensuring your clients, customers and staff are impressed. At Lustre, our professional office cleaning services are tailored to ensure your workspace shines brightly, fostering creativity and productivity. We understand that every office in Toronto has unique needs, and our dedicated team is committed to maintaining a pristine environment where ideas flow seamlessly.

Since 2005, Lustre has been the office cleaning partner of choice for Toronto business owners. Whether it’s small boutique with individual offices or bustling open-plan spaces with hundreds of cubicles, let us handle the cleaning so you can focus on the business of innovation and growth

Medical/Dental Office Cleaning

Hygienic Excellence for Health Spaces: Specialized Pharmacy, Medical and Dental Office Cleaning

Ensure the utmost cleanliness and safety in your healthcare environment with Lustre Luxury Services; Toronto’s finest Pharmacy, Medical and Dental Office Cleaners in Toronto. We recognize the critical importance of maintaining a sterile, hygienic setting in medical and dental offices. Lustre’s team is expertly trained in specialized cleaning protocols that meet the rigorous standards required in healthcare facilities. Utilizing advanced cleaning techniques and hospital-grade disinfectants, we meticulously sanitize each area, from patient rooms, operatories, and treatment areas to waiting rooms and reception areas. Our commitment to detail and stringent adherence to health and safety regulations ensure a safe, clean, and welcoming environment for both your patients and staff.

With Lustre Luxury Services, you can have peace of mind knowing your pharmacy, medical or dental office is in the hands of professionals who understand and prioritize the unique needs of healthcare cleaning.

Retail Store Cleaning

Showcasing Excellence: Elevate Your Retail Ambiance with Lustre’s Premier Cleaning Services

The retail landscape is ultra competitive so it is more important than ever to ensure that your brand stands above and beyond your competitors in every way. At Lustre, we recognize the cleanliness of your retail space is a direct reflection of your business’s image. Our team of cleaning professionals is committed to delivering a superior level of service, ensuring every aspect of your store from the display windows to the fitting rooms shines with cleanliness and sophistication. We employ the latest cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products to maintain a pristine and welcoming atmosphere for your customers. Whether it’s a boutique, a large department store, or a specialty shop, our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to excellence will enhance the shopping experience, leaving a lasting impression of quality and elegance on your customers.

Trust Lustre Luxury Services to be your partner in presenting a spotlessly clean and attractive retail environment.

Restaurant Cleaning

Spotless Dining Ambiance: Superior Restaurant Cleaning Services to Impress Your Patrons

Elevate the dining experience at your establishment with Lustre Luxury Services’ exceptional Restaurant Cleaning Services. We understand that the cleanliness of your restaurant is as crucial as the quality of the food you serve. Our team of cleaning professionals is committed to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness in every corner of your establishment, from the “back of house” kitchen to the “front of house” dining area. Utilizing the latest cleaning technologies and eco-friendly solutions, we ensure a spotless, inviting environment that enhances the overall ambiance of your restaurant. Our thorough approach includes deep cleaning of high-traffic areas, sanitization of surfaces, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a safe and pleasant atmosphere for both your guests and staff.

Partner with Lustre Luxury Services to create an impeccable dining setting that leaves a lasting impression of excellence and care on your patrons.

Post Renovation Cleaning

Reveal the full potential of your newly renovated business space with Lustre Luxury Services, your go-to partner for exceptional Post Renovation Cleaning Services in Toronto.

Reveal the full potential of your newly renovated business space with Lustre’s Post Renovation Cleaning Services. We understand that a renovation can transform your business, but it also leaves behind dust and debris that need professional attention. Our specialized team at Lustre is adept at handling the unique challenges of post-construction cleaning. From thorough dust removal to detailed cleaning of all surfaces and fixtures, we ensure your business premises are not just clean, but immaculately presented. Using advanced techniques and eco-friendly products, we work diligently to create a pristine environment that complements your renovation efforts. Our service is designed to minimize downtime, allowing you to resume operations quickly in a space that reflects your commitment to quality and professionalism.

Choose Lustre Luxury Services to bring the finishing touch to your business’s transformation with a level of cleanliness that matches your new, polished look

Exterior Duct Cleaning

Maintain a pristine and healthy business environment with Lustre’s years of expertise in Exterior Duct Cleaning Services for businesses in Toronto

At Lustre Luxury Services, we recognize the importance of aesthetically clean and well-functioning exterior ducts, not only for the health and safety of your employees and clients but also for the overall appearance and efficiency of your business premises. Our team of duct cleaning professionals specialize in high ladder work to access and meticulously remove dust, debris, and allergens from all of those difficult to reach areas in your space. Our commercially insured experts not only ensure cleaner exterior ductwork but also protection for your furnishings below.

With Lustre, you, your staff, and your customers can enjoy your space to the fullest, surrounded by professionally cleaned ducts with improved air circulation and energy efficiency. Trust Lustre Luxury Services to deliver comprehensive and efficient exterior duct cleaning, ensuring a cleaner, safer, and more attractive business environment.

Commercial Lighting Cleaning

Set the stage for success with impeccably clean lighting, thanks to Lustre Luxury Services’ specialized Commercial Lighting Cleaning for businesses in Toronto

We understand that well-maintained lighting is not just a matter of aesthetics, but an essential component of your business’s overall presentation and functionality. Our team at Lustre is dedicated to rejuvenating your commercial lighting fixtures, from elegant chandeliers in lobbies to the functional lighting in offices and retail spaces. Utilizing safe, effective cleaning methods, we carefully remove dust, dirt, and smudges, enhancing the brightness and energy efficiency of your lighting. Each and every piece of your chandelier crystal and lighting fixture is cleaned by hand. This attention to detail not only improves the ambiance and appeal of your workspace but also contributes to a positive, productive environment for your employees and a welcoming atmosphere for your clients.

Trust Lustre Luxury Services to illuminate the best in your business, showcasing a clean, professional, and vibrant environment.

Disinfection and Sanitization Services

Ensuring a Safer Environment: Advanced Disinfection and Sanitization for Toronto Businesses

In today’s world, maintaining a hygienic and safe business environment is more important than ever. Lustre Luxury Services meets this vital need with our professional Disinfection and Sanitization Services in Toronto.

Our approach combines the latest in disinfection technology with eco-friendly practices to provide a thorough cleansing of your business premises. Using an electric fogger and EPA approved disinfecting solution, we target high-touch surfaces, common areas, and hard-to-reach corners, ensuring comprehensive coverage against pathogens and contaminants. Our skilled team is trained in the most effective disinfection and sanitization protocols, offering peace of mind to you, your employees, and your customers.

By choosing Lustre Luxury Services, you are not just cleaning your business space; you are investing in a healthier, more secure environment that upholds the highest standards of cleanliness and care.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Keep Your Workspace Pristine: Discover our Premium Janitorial Cleaning Services

At Lustre Luxury Services, we believe a clean workspace is the cornerstone of productivity and success. Our Janitorial Cleaning Services for businesses in Toronto are designed to offer you more than just cleanliness; we deliver peace of mind. With our team of dedicated cleaning professionals, state-of-the-art cleaning techniques, and eco-friendly products, we ensure your office or commercial space is not only spotless but also healthy. From daily maintenance to deep cleaning sessions, we tailor our services to fit your schedule and specific needs, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Let us take the hassle out of keeping your premises immaculate, so you can focus on what you do best. Choose Lustre Luxury Services for a cleaner and brighter workspace.

Window Cleaning

Enhance the professional image and ambiance of your business with Lustre Luxury Services’ specialized Window Cleaning Services

Lustre’s commitment to excellence is evident in our meticulous approach to keeping your business’s windows spotlessly clean and streak-free. We understand that clean windows are a direct reflection of your business’s brand. The advanced techniques and eco-friendly cleaning solutions our experienced window washing team employs keep your interior and exterior windows perfectly cleaned.

We cater to all types of business premises, from retail storefronts to high-rise office buildings, ensuring that each window sparkles and provides a clear, unobstructed view. Whether it’s a one time window cleaning or regular weekly window cleaning, Lustre’s professional window cleaning expertise not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your business, but also allows natural light to enhance the workspace environment.

Partner with Lustre Luxury Services to project a bright, clean, and professional image to your clients and employees alike.

Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Present a fresh, professional image in your workspace with Lustre’s Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning Services for businesses in Toronto

Our advanced steam cleaning process delves deep into the fibers of carpets and upholstery, effectively removing dirt, stains, and allergens, while revitalizing the overall look and feel of your office furniture and carpeting. At Lustre, we understand that clean carpets and upholstery not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your business environment but also promote a healthier workspace for your employees and clients. Our team of steam cleaning experts utilizes the latest technology and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, ensuring a thorough, deep clean without compromising on quality or safety.

Whether you have a small office or a large corporate space, Lustre Luxury Services is dedicated to delivering outstanding results, enhancing the comfort and elegance of your business interiors.

Chandelier Cleaning

Elevate the sophistication and brilliance of your business space with the exquisite Chandelier Cleaning Services offered by Lustre Luxury Services in Toronto

Your large antique chandeliers or the latest modern art light fixtures are statement pieces that reflect the prestige and style of your business. Lustre’s team of chandelier cleaning experts are dedicated to meticulously cleaning your chandeliers by hand, crystal by crystal to restore your chandelier’s original splendor and luminosity.

Our chandelier cleaning professionals know high ladder work and employ safe, effective methods and high-quality cleaning materials to ensure that your light fixtures not only sparkle but your furnishings below are also treated with the utmost of care and attention.

Whether it’s a grand lobby, an elegant dining area, or a luxurious boardroom, our professional chandelier cleaning services enhance the overall ambiance of your space, leaving a lasting impression of cleanliness and refinement on your clients and employees.