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Lustre: A Cleaning Company that Believes in Commitment at Every Level

Since 2005, Lustre has been committed to our clients, our staff, and the local communities in Toronto. As an environmental steward, Lustre uses and recommends “eco-friendly” cleaning supplies and equipment.

Since 2005 Lustre has completed over 50,000 cleanings in Toronto

To Our Clients

Exceptional, experienced staff have completed over 50,000 cleans since 2005.

Pre-Cleaning Assessment
On your initial cleaning visit, Lustre completes a pre-cleaning assessment of your home/office to determine your specific needs. We customize a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly program to ensure that every detail is addressed according to your exacting specifications.

Bonded / Insured Cleaners with WSIB coverage
Our trained and bonded cleaning associates arrive on time and wear the Lustre uniform.  Lustre’s cleaners are WSIB covered.

Post-Cleaning Assessment
We would like to hear your feedback. Our cleaning staff receives bonuses based on their performance and our clients’ feedback. We will follow up after each cleaning visit to ensure that all of your cleaning specifications have been met.

Credit Card Payment
For your convenience, Lustre offers payment via Visa or MasterCard. We will provide an invoice/receipt after every visit.

For weekly/bi-weekly cleanings Lustre will assign the same cleaner, same day and time.  Our cleaners become part of the family.  Some Lustre clients have had the same cleaner for more than 12 years.

To Our Staff

All of our cleaning associates undergo a comprehensive training program to ensure consistently effective and efficient cleaning. Lustre’s cleaning associates receive very competitive wages, benefits, performance bonuses, and training.

Lustre has some of the highest staff retention rates in the industry.  Some staff have been with the company for more than 16 years.

To Our Environment

Lustre recommends the use of environmentally friendly or “green” cleaning products and disposes of all household cleaning waste and recycling materials according to current best practices.

Lustre is GBAC Certified.