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Featured in The Globe and Mail

Lose your excess baggage

Here’s a test to figure out your own personal surface area-to-volume ratio. Pick any room in your house, and count the number of surfaces that are free from objects otherwise unrelated to that surface. For example, a coffee maker belongs on a kitchen counter; a newspaper does not (bless you, though). If that number is greater than the number of children you have — no children, no excuse; your surfaces should be pristine and pile-free — you may be suffering from Disorder Disorder.

Featured in Canadian Living

The Ultimate Housecleaning Guide

Pros share their best tips for cleaning every surface in your home.

Professional butler Charles MacPherson (a regular guest expert on CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show and author of The Butler Speaks: A Return to Proper Etiquette, Stylish Entertaining and the Art of Good Housekeeping) shares his top strategies.

Featured in The Toronto Star

The Absorbing Tale Behind the Mop in Your Home

Ironically, long-haired dogs can be the “worst offenders” of dirty floors, according to Toronto’s Nick Kaczun, founder and CEO of Lustre Luxury Cleaning & Services.

Pet hair that isn’t removed regularly “starts sticking to floors and baseboards making it really hard to clean,” says the business owner, who took a shine to the profession 16 years ago.

Dog or no dog, a good floor mop can be your best friend, says Kaczun, whose cleaners use one with a microfibre head that’s washed, dried and reused.

Featured in Slice TV’s Doctor in the House

Featured in Toronto Life Magazine

The Anti-DIY Solution – The Deep Cleanup

“Lustre Luxury Cleaning offers a complimentary in person pre-cleaning assessment, so you can discuss long-standing stains as well as impending gravy-based incidents. The trained and bonded staff also provides other useful services, such as de-cluttering closets and cellar, and pet sitting.”

–Viia Beaumanis, Toronto Life Nov 2008

Featured in HOUSE & HOME Magazine

Post-Party 101 Cheap Sweep

Hiring a professional cleaning service during the holidays can provide some much needed help for an after-party cleanup or before a house guest arrives…you can save some money with these smart tips…

“Be specific about what you need before the actual visit. Cleaners appreciate lists.” says Nick Kaczun founder and CEO of Toronto based Lustre Luxury Cleaning and Services. “You’ll avoid having to explain everything when they arrive.” Clarifying your expectations in advance and prioritizing items and areas can lessen the overall time billed, saving you money. And organized companies will keep this information on file.

Give cleaners space. “Keeping kids and pets out of the way allows cleaners to work effectively and efficiently” says Kaczun. Removing distractions and the need to re-clean an area will minimize overall costs.”

–I.W., House & Home Dec 2008

Featured in Walmart’s Live Better Magazine

Top household cleaning problems and solutions

 20 February, 2024 Walmart Live Better Magazine Lustre Cleaning’s Nick Kaczun was featured in Wal Mart’s Live Better Magazine Article “Top household cleaning problems and solutions” Is your home in need of a thorough spring cleaning? Vanquish the dirt, dust and grime with these tips from top cleaning experts. Be sure to protect your hands with gloves, and check out our gallery of the best household cleaning products before starting. Soap scum, calcium and lime scale buildup on shower glass doors